For the past month or so we have been evaluating entries in the FOG OF WAR CARD contest. Our principal criteria for the winning cards were: fits the desert theme, non-duplication of an existing card, clever or interesting title, no additional complication of the rules (no die rolling to see what effect the card had, for example), and the effect not to last beyond a single turn. We also wanted one German and one British card, but we probably could have lived with two cards of the same nationality.

Everyone who submitted an entry to the contest will receive a certificate good for $10.00 off the purchase of any product valued at $20.0 or more on the web page (or in person at a show). The winners will each receive an autographed copy of Benghazi Handicap or (if they would prefer to wait a bit) an autographed copy of the next major supplement we publish.

Now, without further rambling, here are the winners.

1. Tedd Grulke
Tedd's card is titled, ‘Rommel Visits Front’ and the text reads ‘Selected company is +2 on its morale check, Or, remove one shaken marker, or replace a demoralized marker with a shaken marker’. This card will be one of ten new DAK cards.

2. John Drye
John's card is titled ‘Sun Glint’ and the text reads ‘The sun flashes off a bayonet or binoculars. Nearest unspotted enemy company is spotted.’ This card will be one of ten new 8th army cards.
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated.

Using Army-Specific FOW Cards
Using the army-specific FOW cards (such as the new DAK or 8th Army cards) requires a different procedure. Randomly divide the existing generic deck of 60 FOW cards into two 30-card decks. Each side takes one of the two generic decks, adds its own unique 10 cards, and then shuffles that 40-card deck. Each side then draws cards only from its own 40-card FOW deck.

For specific scenarios Players are be permitted to edit their decks, as specified in the basic rules. In addition the referee may edit the decks before the game begins. Decks should have at least 32 cards.