Rommel's First Offensive

Following publication of BENGHAZI HANDICAP, at least one forum-rat has asked for the detailed Italian order of battle in Rommel’s first offensive. I mentioned in the forum that – if you dig a bit – it’s mostly there in the division histories. I’d have liked to include this sort of detailed OOB by battle for each of the major actions, but the book was pretty big already. I decided to simply have the outline formation OBs for the battles, and then use the detailed division histories to provide the nitty-gritty details of attachments and what-not. It was more space-efficient, but still…

So what I decided was to throw everything I’d been able to figure out about the orders of battle in that first offensive in one web article and post it here. It is fairly complicated, and there are lingering questions concerning the exact weapons used to outfit the various British and Australian anti-tank units, but other than that it’s fairly complete. This is the sort of detailed stuff which you will either eat up with a spoon or will make your eyes glaze over and roll back in your head. You have been warned.

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