Battle Group Generator

These are a series of Excel spreadsheets, intended to allow you to design Battlegroups easily - they will keep count of points spent, allocation of forces to Holding/Reserve / Assault forces, and raise red flags where contradictory options are taken, or battlegroup specifications are ignored (e.g. if you don't take Veteran infantry for a Veteran Battalion HQ, and so on). They operate by simple drop-down menus, and generate a list that separates the different commands for easy review and deployment. If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, contact me at or on the forum here.

As more Battlegroups are released, additional spreadsheets will be added to cover them

TOB_USA.xls148 KB
TOB_UK.xls127 KB
TOB_Soviet.xls116.5 KB
TOB_German.xls420.5 KB
TOB_Desert_UK.xls335.5 KB
TOB_Desert_Italian.xls318 KB
TOB_Desert_German.xls284 KB