‘Benghazi Handicap’ - Fog of War Card Contest

To help initiate the soon to be released campaign supplement ‘Benghazi Handicap’, ‘Test of Battle Games’ announces its first ‘Fog of War’ Contest. With the release of ‘Benghazi Handicap’ three new sheets of ‘Fog of War’ cards will be made available on this web site. Each sheet will contain 10 ‘Fog of War’ cards and be specific to the Germans, Italians or Commonwealth’. The prototype cards are finished, but we thought it would be a great idea to allow our players to have some input.

The rules are simple and as follows:

  1. Each card must have a title - any flashy grandiose or flamboyant title will do.
  2. Each card must have an easy explanation which fits reasonably well on the card.
  3. Each card submission becomes the property of ‘Test of Battle Games’.

The 1st prize will be an autographed copy of ‘Benghazi Handicap’ and, of course, credit for the card on this web site. If other cards are also chosen they will be awarded prizes as well.

To enter your submission, email us at contest@testofbattle.com and type in FoW as the subject.

Below are examples of Fog of War prototype cards for Benghazi Handicap:

Arditi Forward

One selected close assault attack against an enemy AFV is +1 to hit,
and any hit on the AFV eliminates it.


Lili Marlene

One company passes its Morale check [may be played after the morale die roll has been made].


Abandoned Positions

One company finds old entrenchments from a previous battle.
Each stand of the company receives a sangar.