Desert Battle Groups

This chapter presents the battle groups for Test of Battle games for the early period in North Africa (1940-41). Each of the three nations has three distinct battle groups: a leg infantry-based force, a motorized force, and a tank-based force. But all of them conform to the same rules, have the same number of points available, and can be used interchangeably by players.

If a player has several different battle groups made up for a nationality, he should decide which group he is using before drawing a mission card. He does not have to disclose which group he is using, however, to his opponent. If both players agree, of course, this rule can be waived, and players can select which battle group they want to use after drawing the mission card.

In all cases, the points available for the three element of a battle group in this period are:
525 points for the Holding Force
450 points for the Reserve Force
450 points for the Assault Force

A couple things to note.

The standard convention of fielding troops which are either Regular 8, Experienced 8, or Veteran 9 is not used with the Italians. Instead, their three standard categories are Trained 7, Regular 8, and Experienced 9. Note, however, that a number of specialized troops are veteran 9, and can only be purchased at that level, while Bersaglieri , parachutists and most artillery may only be purchased as Experienced 9.

By the same token, although the British and German battle groups generally employ the three “standard” grades of quality and more, both lists have a number of troops which may only be purchased at the higher levels.

Note that the component companies of the core unit are given individual costs at the different quality levels. This is provided only to enable players to calculate their victory point value if lost, when determining Attritional Victory (Rule 48.2).

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